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Newport Beach Chiropractor for Family Wellness

Feel Great at Newport Center Family Chiropractic

Newport Beach Chiropractor Dr. Mike Digrado offers his patients customized care options in pain relief and wellness optimization, with particular emphasis on state-of-the-art, low-force adjusting techniques. Newport Center Family Chiropractic welcomes patients of every age and every walk of life, from babies, children and teenagers, to weekend warriors, moms and dad and those in their golden years.

Providing Low-force Adjusting

Our office seeks to deliver outstanding care to our friends and neighbors with a gentle touch. Dr. Digrado has been trained in cutting-edge techniques that require no twisting, popping or cracking of the spine, as well as some of the more traditional chiropractic approaches that many people enjoy.
One of our specialty techniques is the Sigma Ultraline Computerized Adjusting Tool. This handheld instrument allows us to detect spinal fixations with incredible accuracy. It also reduces the chances of human error and delivers a painless and precise adjustment to the misaligned vertebra.